Featured Work


2022 · Creator

Letterfall is a fast paced word game for iOS that will push your reflexes and vocabulary skills to the limit.

Swift Package Exporter

2021 · Co-creator

Go from Figma to SwiftUI by exporting your design tokens as a Swift package that you can include in Xcode.

Visual Center

Creator · 2021

A Figma Plugin that finds the visual center of a vector shape using the centroid or smallest enclosing circle.

Nested Corners

Creator · 2021

Nested Corners is a Figma Plugin that applies the perfect corner radius to layers based on the parent corner radius and padding.

Facebook Marketplace

Lead Designer · 2017 - Present

Over the last few years I’ve been leading design efforts on Facebook Marketplace. Most of my time is focussed on the main feed, navigation and overall buyer experience. Marketplace is active in over 100 countries and is used by 1 billion people every month.

Facebook Like Button

Lead Designer, Front-end · 2016

The Like Button is one of the most iconic products in the world with over 10 billion views each day across millions of websites. In 2016 I had the opportunity to redesign the Like Button, and develop a new design system that works across the entire button suite.

Facebook for Developers

Lead Designer, Front-end · 2015

In 2015 my team started working with Wolf Ollins on an extensive redesign of the Facebook Developer site. The goal was to introduce a new design system that could scale with our continued growth across marketing and documentation. We also transitioned the entire site to our internal CMS and translated content into seventeen different languages.

Facebook Social Plugins

Lead Designer, Front-end · 2014

In 2014 I redesigned most of the Facebook Social Plugins, including the Comments Plugin, Embedded Posts, Photos, and Videos. The updates introduced a more refined layout to save vertical space on 3rd-party sites, along with responsiveness on mobile.

iWatch Concept

Personal Project · 2014

Before the Apple Watch was announced there was a lot of speculation around what the device would look like. I was excited about the wearables market so I decided to create my own concept as a fun design exploration. I started with some initial sketches then created a 3D rendering showing how the watch could potentially work. Over the next few days the concept went viral on several major news sites and eventually appeared on the Today Show.

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Cofounder, Designer, Developer · 2011 - 2013

Joypad started as a fun weekend hack to turn your smartphone into a game controller. After releasing the app on iOS customers started requesting more controllers and features. My co-founder and I eventually started Joypad Inc and released the Joypad SDK. Through sales, developer outreach, and PR initiates we were able to integrate the Joypad SDK in over 100 games on desktop and iOS.

Nintendo Icons

Personal Project · 2011

I created these icons in 2011 as a fun exercise. I'm a huge fan of older gaming consoles and thought it would be an interesting design challenge to recreate them as app icons. I loved the way they turned out so I decided to share the PSDs.