About Me

Hi, I'm Todd Hamilton. A product designer based in Seattle, WA. I work at Facebook on the platform design team.

I'm originally from the East Coast and went to school at Ithaca College. I majored in cinema & photography with a web programming minor. After graduating in 2005 I freelanced as a motion graphics designer for a few years. I also started gaining more professional experience in web design and development.

I landed my first product design job at a startup in New York City called Bantam Live. The company was building a CRM web app to compete with Salesforce. I was the sole designer responsible for designing and building the front-end. In my spare time I also started working on a side project with a friend called Joypad. Joypad was an app that turned smartphones into second screen game controllers.

Joypad launched in 2014 and quickly became the top game controller app in the iOS App Store. Seeing an opportunity, my cofounder and I moved to San Francisco to raise money and build a company. Over the next year we managed to integrate our SDK in over 100 games in the App Store.

In 2015, after several years working on gaming SDKs, I joined Facebook to work on the platform design team. It was an exciting opportunity to bring my experience designing for developers to a bigger audience. Since joining I've had the privilege to work on products such as the Like Button, Sharing, Save, Embeds, Comments Plugin, Developer Site and Documentation.

My work has been featured on major media outlets including The Today Show, Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, and Wired.

On the weekends I love to surf, camp, and explore the pacific northwest. If you're in the Seattle area and wanna chat feel free to reach out.

Photo by Maykel Loomans